Happy Friday!!!!

Big weekend coming up kids….our annual roof deck party!!!  We usually have it in the summer but since we were crazy busy with weddings and everything else, we decided to push it back to October…..Ocktoberfest seemed appropriate (although we aren’t even doing traditional “ocktoberfest” party but whatever)…I’m excited to spend time with some of my friends and family, hang out on the deck, have some Sam October and be happy! 

Expect….good ol’ mother nature wasn’t invited but decided to make a quest appearance….

Okay…maybe the 2nd  picture is a little dramatic but forecast is calling for  “Cloudy with a few occasional showers, maybe a thunderstorm.  Some dry times too.  Mid 70s”.  Why can’t it be dry all times….the problem is our place is small when you minus the deck space so this should make for an interesting day. 

Since it’s a fall Friday, I figured I’d blog about happy fall festivities!!!!

I love going “apple picking”.  The reason for the quotes is that I call it apple picking when I really just go to this farm and pick the apples from the market….I don’t come in contact with any apple trees!  It is still fun…the place we go to has FRESH FRESH donuts, huge dill pickles (I warned you I loved food) and a huge pumpkin patch.  It’s one of the best things to do around this time of year!

Once I go “Apple Picking” and stock up, I may have to try out this recipe I found for Honeycrisp Apple Sangria here….http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/honeycrisp-apple-sangria!!!  I am not a huge fan of red sangria but do enjoy white every now and then.  This looks super tasty and festive for the fall and lets face it, who isn’t up for a good cocktail this time of year (or any time of year???) !!!   And look at that cinnameon sugar rim and the crisp apples in that glass…I will be sure to update you once I try it out!

Mani/Pedi Time…..I am in need of a mani/pedi (and a facial and massage but will settle for a mani/pedi for now).  I am pretty boring when it comes to my manicures…always a light pink but I am thinking for the party, I might switch it up and get crazy…do a fall’y color…we’ll see if my nail place carries colors like this….

So thats it for today!!!  I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!  Eveyone needs to cross there fingers for no rain and dry dry skies!!!!!   

xoxo, J


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