Tan Capes….Playing Dress-up

Happy Monday!!!!  Sad to see it come so soon.  This weekend was fantastic….the party was a big success.  As you know, I was worried with the weather forecast.  We ended up getting a tent in case it did rain (but it ended up being a pretty decent day after all).  Had a great time with all my friends and family…and was lucky to spend some quality time with my awesome nephew and some other little ones!  Spent most of my day yesterday on the couch recovering!!!   Now back to reality. 

On to today’s topic of choice…..capes for the Fall/Winter.  Now this is playing “dress up”.  Imagine???  Look how adorable these 2 girls are…and how in-style they are!  Cape’s are a big thing this fall…..

I need to get this look, can you believe I’m taking fashion advice from these girls that are 6 years old…

JCrew has a super cute “Streetscape Cape” but with a hefty price tag of $198 (1st picture shown).  There is also a cheaper and way more affordable version – $38- at Forever 21 that I may need to snag (2nd picture)


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