Flawless Foundation Please

Hello Kate Moss…why are you so god damn beautiful.  The hair, the bangs, the skin, those cat eyes…perfection!!! 

While I envy your beauty…. I am thinking that lately I’ve been noticing my face and skin look pretty drab (thanks Miss Moss).  I think a lot of it is with the changes in the weather….and goodbye to the sunny, glowy skin tone I had this past summer.  My face seems a little dehydrated (okay, a lot!!!) and just blah…no other way to describe it. 

I am in the market for some new foundation to give me a flawless look…by this I mean coverage without masking the overall look of my skin.  Would also like something that hydrates my skin and gives me that “glow”.    A trip to Sephora may be in order….

I currently use/have Clinique – Even Better Makeup.  This is a pretty good foundation for a more affordable price but I think now that I’m not as tan, the color may be off a shade or 2.  

A lot of people swear by Laura Mercier products from foundation to tinted moisturizer to concealer.  The foundation claims to be it can be applied lightly for a sheer finish, or layered for fuller coverage. I like that you can “build” coverage – during the day, a light application is all you need.

Make Up Forever is another contenstant in my search for a more glowy, fabulous face.  They are known to have a great foundation that stays for hours…but does it that that flawless texture I am looking for??? 

I am also eager to try Smashbox – High Definition Healthy FX Foundation SPF 15.  I have been using their primer for years and I’ve had really good luck with it.  I suspect if they can put out a fantastic primer, I’m sure they can do the same with a foundation.  This baby is “packed with ingredients that work overtime to provide cellular nutrition for the skin. Vitamin C to fight free radicals, and new cell-energizing Ribose renews the appearance of skin. A unique, patented bio-delivery system gives you time-release moisturization and firming benefits that last all day. Skin is refreshed and revitalized for a flawless future.”  Ummmm…ding ding ding…I think we may have a winner….This seems to be exactly what I am looking for. 

I hope to get to Sephora this weekend…maybe in the meantime I will book a facial to freshen this face up (Boston Spa Week is Oct 10-16  and you can snag some great deals!!!!).   Also…stay tuned for a little primer trick I will share in the next week!!!!


One thought on “Flawless Foundation Please

  1. I love smashbox…. but check out “hourglass” product. i used it for my wedding, and i still have so much left. the bottle is a little pricey, but it should last you six months. you only need a tiny bit for great coverage. also, apply with a light fluffy brush to allow an even look. i highly highly highly recommened and i dont think i will ever use anything else.

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