Fabulous Friday!!!


I am so glad it’s Friday…although I think I’m getting sick so that’s never a fun way to start the weekend.  And can we talk about how chilly it is!  They said 64 degrees in Boston today hence the reason I didn’t wear my boots, thinking “No Jan, it will be way too hot for that” but now I am wishing I had them on instead of my flats!  At least the weekend is going to be nice, right…80 degrees for Sunday Funday – Pats/Jets….can’t beat it!!!   Well if I had tickets to the game…that would beat it (ie….please give me a free ticket or I will even pay face value…thanks!)

Anyways…moving on.  Today I wanted to share a makeup tip or two with you. 

This first tip is a real goodie…an alternative Primer.  For those of you who don’t know what primer is (LJ…) it’s a liquid/gel type formula that sits as a layer between skin and foundation to create a more even surface.  Basically gives the makeup something to grab onto and help your makeup last longer, because the makeup primers fills in lines to create a smooth surface. 

In my mind, the “it” primer these days has to be Smashbox.  I have been using this product for years, same with my mom and sister.  We all swear buy it.  But it comes with steep price…for  2oz, you are looking around $40.  That can add up if you are using every day…..

Now please welcome the alternative – Monistat Chafing Relief Powder.  Okay…..you all probably think I am crazy but I am telling you, this has the same ingredients as Smashbox but with a $6 price tag!  The active ingredient is Dimethicone, which can be found in all high-end face primers…..check, I know you want to!  It’s a silicone based emollient that forms a protective barrier on the skin to help retain moisture.  I normally wash my face, moisturize and then apply the gel before my foundation and concealer.  Works like a charm!!!  I usually have this on hand as well as a travel size Smashbox which ends up lasting me over a year!


Next up is a homemade recipe for your makeup brushes.  I am a HUGE culprit of not cleaning my brushes when I should.  All of my brushes including blush, eye, foundation, smug….all need a good old fashion cleaning.  Here is an easy home recipe which you probably have all the ingredients at home already!!!

 1 cup Distilled Water
2 TBS Rubbing Alcohol
1 TBS Baby Shampoo

Fill a small bowl with this recipe. Swoosh the brush around in the mixture to clean, rinse with water to remove all traces of soap.  Repeat for each brush.  Now go on and get cleaning!!!

That’s it for today….Hope everyone has a great (long) Columbus day weekend.  GO PATS!  Beat those Jets!!!!


3 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday!!!

  1. After I saw this post, I bought the chafing powder-gel and tried it out – it’s amazing! I have only sampled the Smashbox primer as I couldn’t bring myself to buy the full-sized bottle – holy expensive! This cheaper version has the exact same feel and produces the same effect. Thanks Jan for the recommendation!

  2. Hello,

    I have found that if you use tea tree oil which has an anti-bacterial agent and shampoo this cleans your brushes much better and disinfects them also. Just a little fyi, and you can find the tea tree oil at any drug store.

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