The Perfect Scarf

Lately I have been noticing that scarves are the “it” accessory.  You can really make any outfit look cute and put together with a really fabulous scarf.  Sure, I have a select few, however my big problem is finding the right color, pattern, material.  They either look too wintery or too boring or are just too plain expensive.  I am really digging these looks….

How fantastic does this girl look….the oversized grey scarf, that fabulous black blazer with silver cuffs, her perfect makeup, that messy hair-do….really loving everything about this look.  An oversized grey scarf is a great piece, goes with alot and keeps thinks looking classy.

Hello simple and chic….skinny jeans, boots and a sweater with the right patterned scarf….she looks so put together and ready to take on this fall weather!!! 

Now I am not the biggest fan of Kristin Cavalerri but she definately can come through with some really stylish outfits.  Another simple, easy look.  A bright color can really pop and pull together an outfit…..a colorful scarf is a must!

This lovely piece if from one of my favorite stores – Francesca’s Collection.  And for only $18, this is a great steal…click here to check it out.

This last number is a simple white scarf.  What I love about this one is the crisp white color and the tiered pleats….really gives it an edge.  I think I may need to buy this one….you can find it at Nordstrom’s here

If anyone has a suggestions for a great buy…please share.  Any hidden gems around that have some great accessories and fabulous scarves???


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