My newest obsession lately is false lashes.  They are so glamorous and add that extra pop to your eyes, especially during a special occasion.  I, unlike some of my friends (ie Katelyn), do not have the luxury of having naturally long, full, voluminous lashes.  But thanks to falsies, there is hope for us gals with shorter, fine lashes. 

Lash envy?????

Yup…that last picture is yours truly (courtsey of Molly Anne Photography).  See…even those of us with shorter lashes can still make long lashes work.

So after many years of practice, I have finally mastered the technique of putting on a set of lashes.  I have tried all the tools and gadgets to “assist” in the application however none were very useful.  I find you really only need a pair of tweezer, lashes (I buy the cheap Ardell ones at CVS), lash glue and a small pair of scissors.  I also start with a coat of mascara which gives the falsies something to stick to and curl using my Shu Uemura (best eyelash curler on the market in my opinion).   Here are my go-to steps when applying:

 1.)     Place the lash on the top of your eye to measure and trim lash accordingly if too long

2.)     Dab glue on a piece of paper or tissue and let sick for a minute so the glue gets tacky

3.)     Pick up the lash with your tweezers, and dip the lash in the glue and let sit for a few seconds before applying

4.)     I start outside in – have the lash sit right on the outer corner where the lid and lash line begin

5.)     Flip your tweezers over and use the end of them to secure moving in toward the eye

Voila, instant voluminous lashes.  And don’t worry, the glue will look white at first but it dries clear.  You can use your finger to maneuver and secure but I like the tweezer when first applying – seems to work better with my experience.

If you haven’t checked out Lauren Conrad’s blog,, what are you waiting for.  She has a great tutorial for individual faux lashes which can be a bit intimidating.  Check it out here 

Hope everyone has a good Thursday!!!


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