healthy & delish

Happy Friday!!!! The weather is gross and I am sick with a cold so not that “happy” of a day BUT….it is Friday and there is a weekend to look forward to!  Big plans tonight…homemade chicken soup, movies and bed!  Tomorrow we are heading to our friends Jenn & Adam for a backyard party.  I am excited to try the Chedder Bacon Ranch Pulls recipe that I posted a few weeks ago –  Hopefully it will be a big hit!!!!   Have a great weekend everyone….now on to today’s post…

So I had to share this.  This looks AMAZING and pretty stinkin’ easy.  It’s a jazzed up take on a traditional BLT.  Meet the California sandwich.  Avocado, Tomatoes, Cucs, Chive Spread, Spouts, OH MY!  I found this recipe here at .  She has some pretty great recipes to check out.  

I need to make these asap.  I think I may alter it by using a chive cream cheese instead of the greek yogurt but I do like the idea of adding the yogurt protein.  Maybe in a wrap with arugula?  I will have to try a few versions of this baby out.   Enjoy!


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