Brown Neutral Smokey Eye

Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday….I was sick BIG TIME!  I don’t think I have been this sick in a really long time.  Spent most of the day on the couch, watching LOTS of TV (Whitney and the New Girl are great new shows btw).  Anyways, I finally slept through most of the night and got some rest and back to work today!

I was very excited to find this in Pinterest today.  I really love the “smoky eye” look but with browns and neutral colors to make it a little less dramatic (and less raccoon eyes).  This is my go-to look a lot when I need to play up the eyes but don’t want the blacks and grey color scheme.  

Take a look at Dutchess Roz blog for a tutorial on the brown smokey eye look!  She even gives you the MAC colors she uses so you can really duplicate the look.

I think I need to get a MAC eye shadow set with some of these colors!  They have these blank pro palette sets and you can pick and choose the colors you put in them. 

There is also this kit from Urban Decay that I have been lusting over.  For those of you who don’t know much about Urban Decay, they have really awesome shadows (very similar to MAC) and seem to really stay on the lid for the whole day.  So the Nake kit is a flattering palette that features 12 eyeshadows that can go from office appropriate to a night on the town!!!  I may need to spoil myself and purchase this baby soon!


One thought on “Brown Neutral Smokey Eye

  1. Totally loving the browns. Never really thought about going that route though. I kinda love it though.
    Whitney and the New Girl are UNREAL. Eric and I watch those two shows every week while eating way too much popcorn that is so heavely buttered that I feel sick after.

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