60’s Inspired

While I was home sick on Monday, I got sucked into NBC’s Playboy Club on demand.  I loved everything about it….the 60’s style, the bunny outfits,  the fabulous music, Eddie Cibrian – whats not to love???  Then to my surprise, I found out that the show has since been cancelled :  This always happens to me…I get hooked on a show, get so excited and BAM…cancelled.  I guess this TV Junkie has enough shows to fall back on.  And just to add (and people will probably make fun but Hart of Dixie with Rachel Bilson on CW is one of my new favs!!!

Back to today’s topic…..I was very inspired by a lot of the makeup trends and think I may need to channel my inner 60’s.  This means a BIG FOCUS on the eyes, beautiful skin and a nude lip.  A “cat eye” and big false lashes are a MUST.  Take a look….

A little bunny action…..

Hello Bridget…

A modern day “blake bardot”

As I mentioned, a clean cat eye is key for this look.  You don’t need much else in terms of shadow  – just sweep a neutral color over the entire lid.  The black liner is dramatic enough.  Here is a great tutorial from my girl LC at thebeautydepartment.com – Get Catty

 Make sure to add some fabulous lashes to complete the look.  Check out my Lash Out Post for some tips!


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