Dream Home….

Morning!!!  One more day until the weekend…woowho!

Today I thought I would share some essentials of my “dream” home.  A girl can dream, right???  Or maybe hit the lottery….

Well hello awesome kitchen….this massive island is the best part of this kitchen

Old fashion clawfoot tub, say no more

Look at this laundry room, I mean, come on…how awesome.  I would have the cleanest clothes on the block!

What a creative idea for a coffee table.  Maybe I dont need the lottery for this one?

But maybe need the lottery for this closet….especially if I want to fill it with fabulous things.  This closet is like half the size of my whole apartment.

Love the dual windows with that color scheme.  And that chandalier…oh my!

How cool is this…seems pretty easy to make.  And yes, I will take the vineyard in the background to fill up this table with wine

These vaulted ceilings are amazing…love this rustic feel!

Yes – Another Laundry room…but come on, how pretty!!!

Lastly, this fabulous  outside kitchen for entertaining.  A total must for my dream home…


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