Random Fridays……

TGIF!!!!  The sun is out, the rain is gone, I’ve started (started being the key word here) to kick this nasty cold, so happy it’s the weekend!!!  Fingers crossed that 4pm comes quick (yes, I get out at 4pm…and I love it). 

Just wanted to give you quick update on some recipes I have tried…. 

The renamed “heart attack loaf’ aka Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pulls….well I made it for a friends party a few weeks back.  Do you remember this ??? 

I have to say it was good, but not nearly as good as I thought it was going to be.  I was scared to cut through the bottom so it was difficult pulling apart once it was cooked.  I also think I would do the bacon first then the cheese to really hold everything together.  And I definitely skimped on the cheese….which is NOT like me!!!  By the looks of it before it was cooked, there was a good amount of cheese (probably half of a shredded bag) but I definitely think it needed more.  The ranch/butter mixture was very tasty.  I may try this version next time with Pesto Sauce and Mozzarella cheese.  May be a little easier to stuff the slits….

I also tried the zucchini side dish and it was sooo super easy.  I just grated a regular sized zucchini, put about a tablespoon of butter in the pan and added the zucchini until it was soft.  Right before I was ready to serve I added white sharp cheddar to it (not too much) and voila….it was DELISH!  Highly recommend.   

I was thinking about trying out different “segments” for Fridays.  Something like Favorite Fridays or Random Fridays and post absolutely random stuff that makes me happy.  I am still working on this but in the meantime, I had to post this…how amazing does this look.  I need to be there…it’s the floating lantern festival in Thailand…like seriously, how amazing would it be to be there when they release the lanterns?

Moving on to more randomness (yes, there is NO RHYME OR REASON to today’s post) but anyways, I am totally loving this outfit right now (and her long locks….I chopped mine a few weeks ago and I do sorta missed my long hair but you know what they say…it’ll grow back!!). I am really liking the longsleeve button down and cardigan look with the belt.  This one is geared more towards warmer climates but just sub boots for flats and you are styling!

Here are some budget friendly pieces that make up this look…

VS French Cuff Shirt
Target Cardigan 
Forever 21 Belt

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!!!  See you back here on Monday 🙂


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