Kickin’ It Old School

TGIF Kids!!!!  So happy Friday has finally rolled around especially after the week I had….looking forward to the weekend (but not this snow we are supposed to get on Saturday).  I am also happy to report I will NOT be dressing up for Halloween.  Don’t get me wrong, I do like Halloween and dressing up can be fun but its nice not to worry about a costume every few years.  We have no “halloween” plans and no need to scurry around looking for a unique costume.  But for all of you who are going out and getting crazy…have a great time!!!!

Another random friday post for everyone….I wanted to dedicate a post to All Things Old School.  I recently made a playlist of all my favorite “old school” songs….Young MC – Bust a Move, Salt N Peppa – Push It, Boyz to Men – MotownPhilly,  Bell Biv Devoe – “that girl is POOOIIISSON!”…I mean it doesn’t get better than that, right???

What about the first generation Nintendo when you used to have to blow on the games to get it to work….

Encylopedias….before there was Wikipedia and Google, when you had a project in school, you had to find the correct letter volume and hope & pray that whatever you were looking for was in there…otherwise, you were pretty much screwed (and did it actually exsist???)

 “Heads Down, Thumbs Up”

An ultimate classic….Red Rover Red Rover…

“You’ve Got Mail”….AOL.  I remember how cool this was when it first came out…everyone would go home after school and sign on (god forbid we talk at school or over the phone).  And then, inevitably a phone call would kick you offline… Or, worse, your parents would MAKE you sign off because AOL costs by the minute and you’re only allowed 30 minutes!  This sign on screen just gave me MAJOR nostalgia, its like it was yesterday I was signing on hoping I had mail!!!!

Booby Traps, Booby Traps…

Snap Bracelet….And wasn’t there a controvers that they could cause hand and wrist injuries to children…like really???

Soda Fads….Pepsi Clear, Tab and Surge, oh my!


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