* Winter Wonderland *

I finally purchased my Sorel boots for the colder months ahead.  I, of course, had to justified buying these babies… making sure I would get good use out of them…..work in the snow, Pats games, our trip to Utah, various other ski trips…I think so!  They should be arriving within the next week or so….


In the interest of prepping for a New England winter…figured now is as good as a time then any to post some winter items I am obsessed with. 

How fabulous is this Anthro Coat.  I really do love a white coat in the winter (yes it gets dirty but when its fresh from the cleaners, it looks so classy)…that color is to die for!!!

Another fabulous “white” piece is this fleece hooded sweatshirt from Victoria’s Secret.  It looks oh so comfortable and great  to travel with…

I love everything about this outfit…from the bangs to the headband to that comfy grey sweater and that fabulous bag….

Another winter outfit I would like to recreate…


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