Notable Nails…

I wanted to share with you a favorite drug store cheapy – Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Pro Nail Lacquer.  I randomly picked this up one day and really do love it for a cheap nail polish.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love me some Essie and OPI but for $4, you can’t beat this.  

And the reason why I love it…the wide sculpted brush.  It makes application so easy.  There have been many times I’ve painted my own nails and people have thought I got a professional manicure.  I also have to say, it’s pretty chip-resistant for a “cheap” nail polish.  Rimmel claims its “chip free for up to 10 days”.  I wouldn’t go that far but it’s definitely a good bang for your buck.  

Great color choices.  I think close to 25 choices (although I don’t know if the stores actually carry all 25, but there is still a good selection to choose from).  The 2 I am currently loving at the moment are…

English Rose.  This is a mauvy shade and is a great color for the fall.  It’s not overly dramatic so you would be able to wear to work, meetings, etc.

 Steel Grey.  This shade is a grayish lavender color.  I am not big on grays and darker nail colors but I do like that this is a subtle color, a nice taupe if you will.  I like this because it is a little different.

And once you paint your babies all pretty….you need a really good top coat to add shine and protect the paint. I typically use Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. Even if I get a mani at the salon, I will use this every other day to prolong the manicure. Its fast trying and helps keep my color from fading and chipping.

I am running out of Seche so I picked up Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat (thanks to Allure’s Best of Beauty recommendation).  I have only used a few times but it definitely dries the policy in less than a minute. 

My next purchase will be the Essie Good to Go. I hear good things….It dries your nails fast as well as a gives great shine and gloss! 

Any other great nail policy buys I should be aware of?


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