The League

Happy Monday Everyone!  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  They always seem to fly by.   I was lucky enough to spend some quality time with the family this weekend and celebrate my sister-in-laws 40th!   

Yesterday’s horrible showing from the Patriots was no way to end a great weekend….we better have our act together next week when we face off against the Jets!  I can’t take another loss.  And speaking of losses, I am not having a good fantasy year in either of my leagues (yes…I am playing in 2 fantasy leagues this year…I think Justin’s obsession has rubbed off on me).….The Beantown Beatdown is getting its own beatdown this year. One of my teams looks great on paper but just isn’t cutting it.  Well the other one…it’s just a team of scrubs…that’s what you get in a 16 person league.  Hoping to have a better 2nd half then I’ve had so far (2-7 isn’t going to cut it).  Maybe next week I won’t have 28 points on my bench…ouch! 

With fantasy as the topic at hand…I figured I would throw in a plug for a new show I am loving and have just discovered even though it’s in its 3rd season…it’s HILARIOUS….The League.  It’s a comedy on FX that revolves around six people who love fantasy football and will do anything to win the league. The cast is awesome and the one liners are even better.  Definitely check it out if you have a chance!


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