Weekend Essentials

We are heading to Nantucket this weekend to celebrate my good friend, Kate’s, Big 30 and already, my mind is moving a mile a minute thinking about what to wear and pack!  We of course will be hitting up one of my favorite places – CISCO Brewery!!!  If you have never been, you have to go…beer, wine and vodka tasting all in one area….SCORE!

I am really liking a lot of the winter collection from American Eagle.  I don’t shop there too often…it reminds me of being in high school….am I too old to be buying stuff at AE????  ehhh, I think not.  Here is a quick glimpes of what I am liking and would make a cute outfit for ACK! 

Love this Toggle Coat .  I can’t decide what I love better…the navy or red.  I do love a statement coat in a bold color like red… 

And of course, I had to throw in a cute cape (which I have YET to buy…I don’t know what I am waiting for.  Maybe because I just don’t know how to incorporate it into my outfits). 

These next 2 shirts (here & here  ) are perfect for some afternoon weekend beer tasting, don’t you think?

Pair it with a cute white scarf, skinny jeans and brown boots, and I am good to go!!!!


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