Wake Up Looking Prettier

Hello Lovelies!

I am oh so happy that today is my Friday.  I’m really looking forward to the long weekend.  I’m heading home to help my sister get beautiful for a wedding she’s in and then I am lucky enough to babysit my awesome nephew tomorrow night.  Then Saturday off to one of my favorite places – Nantucket – to celebrate one of my closest friends birthdays!!!

I wanted to share this picture with you….how amazingly beautiful is Blake Lively in this photograph?  I wish I could look like that!  Her eye makeup is to die for and that hat is great!

In an effort to try and look this beautiful, thought I would share with you some little things to do before you go to bed at night – courtesy of Glamour Magazine.  You’ll wake up feeling pampered, refreshed and rejuvenated and maybe even prettier…

1.)    Braid wet hair for nice waves (I sometimes add a wave spray to enhance it for the morning)
2.)   Try an overnight treatment.  Whether it’s an intense night moisturizer, acne spot treatment or even…dare I say it…wrinkle treatments
3.)   Moisturize. Everywhere. Your elbows…your knees….your toes
4.)   Protect your blowout.  Flip hair upside down, pull into a high pony and secure with a terry hair tie or these awesome Twistbands I received as a gift.  They’re so soft it won’t damage hair and its wide enough that it won’t crease.
5.)   Swipe on nourishing essential oils.  When you wake up, you’ll look like you’ve had a facial
6.)   Wear primer over skin care products.  Yes, at night!  It allows the products to sink in.
7.)   Apply a hair mask.  From VO5 Hot Oil to the top salon concoctions, no girl’s medicine cabinet is complete wihout a mask to meet your hair needs.
8.)   Try a new kind of washcloth.  Use an electronic complexion brush.  Your makeup will look better in the AM.
9.)   Self Tan, Let Dry.  Take your time and wake up glow-ier.
10.) Change your pillowcase.  Sleep on a satin pillowcase for smoother hair.

There you have it….try one or a few tonight!


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