Back to reality….

Sorry for the lack of post’s lately.  It was a busy long weekend but such a great time!  I spent some quality time with my fabulous nephew and survived my first overnight babysitting job! 

And Nantucket was amazing!  We had such a blast celebrating my best friend Kate’s 30th!  We wanted to make it special and came up with this great idea – 30 Rock.  The concept is to have “30 Reasons Why Kate Rocks”.   So you each right down a few reasons why this person ROCKS and then you go through, read them aloud (and we made Kate try and pick who wrote it).  Once we were done, we collected all of the reasons and placed them in a little scrapbook so she can always remember her birthday!  We also added many funny quotes from the weekend and collected things here and there to add.    I thought this was a very creative and unique idea and think Kate really loved it! I would definitely recommend if you are looking for a fun and different idea for someone’s 30th

 Pictures to follow 🙂


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