DIY Chalk Glasses

A while back I bought my sister stemless wine glasses with a chalkboard block at Pier 1.  They are great….you can keep track of your wine glass with a little swipe of chalk!  While I love them, I am more of a “stem” wineglass girl.  I just feels right!    When I have stemless, I feel like my drink is not as important, it could be juice for all I know!  ANYWAYS….I found this little tutorial on . Why didn’t I think of this sooner….I am really digging the Chalkboard paint lately.  Hello multi-purpose! 

All you need is chalkboard paint, cheap glasses, painters tape and voila….Chalk Wine, Martini or Beer Glasses!  I think I will be seeking out some cheapy glasses.  Our wine glass selection is a little mis-matched…it would be nice to have a full set of actual matching glasses.  I will keep you guys posted on how this DIY project turns out!!!


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