DIY Necklace Holder

Any woman knows that if you have more than a few necklaces together in a jewelry box, forget it….it’s a tangled mess!!!  You can never just pick up your necklace and go.  My sister bought me a necklace holder that has clear pockets for all your necklaces and other pieces of jewelry which definitely helps organize but here are some other DIY ideas to store your necklaces…

This first one is a towel rod and shower curtain rings – pretty clever…

Who would have thought a garden tool could be used as a jewelry organizer????


Here at Not Your Average Widow  is a great tutorial on making a cute and easy necklace hanger.  My sister did this with a cork board…there are plenty of different versions out there but you get the jist (And I am loving this white frame, flower and fabric.  Such simple touches to really kick it up a notch….

 I think this one is my favorite with the big fancy frame…

This shelf is a multi-purpose piece….you can store knick-knacks on top and jewelery below…


And this lovely piece….I absolutely WANT & NEED.  A full length mirror with a massive jewlery box inside!  TO DIE!….


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