Black Friday Do’s and Don’ts

Happy Thanksgiving Eve Everyone!  Hopefully you have a short, easy day and get a jump on traffic.  I’m looking forward to going home, spending time with family and friends and eating like I am going to the chair! 

I am also looking forward to Black Friday this year!!!  Usually I have one big ticket item in mind every year but this year, no specific items needed which means who knows what I’ll come out of the store with.  Of course I am referring to gifts for myself!  Sure I’ll pick up some other Christmas gifts here and there but usually my first stop is for myself.  I guess a little selfish but I can’t help myself with a good deal.  Hello Fur Vest….Come to mama!

My mother, sister and I have been going out for Black Friday for several years.  Along the way, I have come up with some of my own Do’s and Don’t’s for Black Friday.  And I am not one of those crazies that go out on Thursday night, but 4am Friday morning start is more my style.  Also, just a little tip for us Massholes…Massachusetts law allows stores to open at midnight on Black Friday, but does not allow employees to work before that time, causing retailers to re-consider their openings.


Here goes…

DO dress comfortably.  Usually I wear leggings (because let’s face it, probably still stuffed and bloated from all the food you consumed on Thursday and leggings are just easy and comfy).  Comfy sneakers are a must and layers, layers, layers….some of the stores can be super hot but bopping around from store to store outside may get chilly.  Comfy T-shit and long zip-up is my go-to.

DON’T assume that all stores open at the same time.  As I mentioned, Massachusetts is a little funky with when they can open so call on Wednesday or Thursday to double check opening times in your area before venturing out on Black Friday.   

DO pick up the paper on Thursday morning (and early too because they tend to sell out).  Retailers will put their flyers and sometimes even coupons in the paper.  Make sure all the flyers and deals are in the paper before you purchase (some people will take the flyers out of them).  I know you can look online but it’s not the same as looking through all the flyers and making a game plan.

DON’T believe the best deals are in the stores.  The past few years, a lot of the great deals in the store have now moved over to the internet.  And a lot of these sites will still offer “doorbusters” so to speak.  Check out to see all deals in the stores and online.  There is also a search area that is super helpful! 

DO start your morning with a coffee and donut.  You will need the caffeine to wake you up and the donut is just an extra sweet treat!  And really people, one donut after the 10 pounds of food you will eat, what’s the big deal.  My rule is let the crap-eating and not working out last until the end of the week – fresh start on Monday!

DON’T get aggravated (ha…I know, this coming from me).  As easy as it is to get frustrated with the long lines and big crowds, remember that’s it’s the start of the holiday season which is a such a great time of year.  Take your patience pills before you go and just enjoy the holiday spirit and all the stellar deals out there!!!!

 DO leave the big purse at home. A crossbody bag that’s large enough to fit your wallet, phone, a snack of some sort and some water is all you need, anything else will just get in your way.

 OK, there you have it, my dos and don’ts to ensure that you all have a successful Black Friday! 

Happy Thanksgiving and hope everyone enjoys the long weekend. 

xoxo, J


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