I am a sucker for organizing.  We have a small cozy apartment and we need to maximize all the space we can.  Tools for efficient living is right up my alley…and let’s face it, I am super serious about being organized (ask anyone who knows me about my fabulous excel spreadsheets…wink wink).  Here are some things that are perfect for organizing and maximize a tight living space…

Wall Mount Grocery Bag Holder by Simply Human.  This contraption is fabulous.  I purchased this a while back and love it.  Before I had this, my plastic grocery bags were all over the place and falling out of my cabinet.  This mounts on the inside of our shelf and doesn’t take up much room at all – and keeps those plastic bags organized and in place.  Highly recommend…

Wire Spice Racks. I like this concept because I do have a lot of spices and they are so unorganized. There is no rhyme or reason and I end up taking out all my spices just to fine the garlic powder. This would be ideal to put on the inside of the cabinet (again, wont crow your space or spices) and make it easy to find whatever spice you need at the moment. This is going on the Christmas List (I know, the little things that make me happy)

Utensil Storage. I found this project on I love this idea…When I go to grab a ½ cup, it always is a hassle fishing through the draw and finding the right measurements. This gets the cups and measuring spoons organized and available. I may need to enlist my brother in law for help with this project.

Cabinet-Sized Mesh Drawer Solution. What I like about this is that it allows you to take advantage of the vertical space in your cabinet while allowing easy access to and visibility of the contents. I could use this in my bathroom cabinet or even my pans in the kitchen. Currently I have storage bins in my bathroom closet buts its just a pain to pull the boxes out and search to find what I am looking for. This seems like a much smarter and efficent use of space.

And to tie everything together….Chalk Adhesive Labels. I found these on Etsy (of course). These babies are perfect to label and organize. There are endless possibilities for the self adhesive labels and lets face it…super cute!


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