For the love of Fur!

About 3 years ago, I purchased this black zip up, hooded fur vest at Marshalls for like $15! This was back when fur vests weren’t really big but I couldn’t help the luxuriousness of the vest. Made me feel like a million bucks (although my mother likes to call it my Lil Kim vest and thought it was ghetto). Well Mom….I am glad I held on to it all these years since the big thing this winter is the Faux Fur Vest! Rachel Zoe is a huge lover of fur…fur coats, vests, hats, anything with fur, Rachel goes BANANAS for!

While we all can’t afford the lovely fur that Rachel has, there are definitely some affordable deals out there. Which leads me to this week’s buy….  this H&M cream fur vest.  And the best part about this baby…$14.95! And lets face it….who wants to spend a lot on a trend item that may be out of style in a year anyways!
My biggest issue is what to wear with said vest. I think styling with a nice simple pair of jeans, heels or boots and a solid color shirt is the way to go.

And here are some great celeb stylings. Obviously I had to throw Rachel Zoe in there as well as Olivia Palermo (disclaimer….can’t stand her but she’s got some good style choices).


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