How To Get A Red Carpet Worthy Photo

It’s holiday season, which means your social circuit is officially in full swing.  Make sure every picture you take is Red Carpet Worthy.  Here are are some picture posing tips to ensure you look hot in every shot courtesy of Daily Makeover.  My all time favorite and one I use alot is the 4th one down!  I highly recommend 🙂

Find Your Best Angle – Experiment by posing in the mirror; it will quickly become obvious which angles are most flattering for you. Once you’re aware of this, use the best angles as much as possible in the future.  For example, Kim Kardashian always tries to be photographed with her chin down and from her left.


Chin Down – The dreaded double chin – it’s the worst, right? Even if you don’t have one, you’ve probably been photographed from an angle that made it look like you did. How can you avoid it? It’s always best to stick your chin out and slightly pulled away from your neck. It will feel awkward, but the camera doesn’t detect the proportion of how far you pull out your chin. That way your jawline is stronger, and you will help to prevent a double chin look.


Look Longer & Leaner – You’ll rarely see a celebrity standing fully face-forward to the camera. To help your body look its longest and leanest like Dianna Agron is doing here, think of a Miss America contest’s traditional pose. Never stand flat to the camera – always angle your body a bit to the side. If you angle yourself slightly, you can take down several inches off your hips. Always put one foot in front of the other as well.  

Put Your Hand Upon Your Hip – It’s not just a classic song lyric from the ’90s; it’s great posing advice that stars like Eva Longoria clearly follow. A great trick for making hips look slimmer is to pull your body forward from the waist up slightly towards the camera. Put one or both of your hands on your hips. Your arms will look more toned as you will be flexing the muscle slightly when you are holding them on your hips.

 No One Likes a Faker – To get a genuine smile in your pictures, think of the camera lens as a person and then smile. If you’re posing for a series of photos, don’t keep holding your smile—your mouth is going to start shaking and feeling awkward. Move your jaw around between pictures for a glowing grin like Anne Hathaways.



Source: Daily Makeover


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