The Hot Pink Blazer

Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday weekend!  I was lucky enough to see a lot of my family including my wonderful niece and nephew!  And I hope Santa was good to you all!  Santa must not have been happy with me since he decided to give me a horrible cold as a late present.  Thanks buddy!  Least it’s a short week…..moving on….

One of my “MUST HAVES” lately is a Hot Pink Blazer.  It seems to be more of a summer/spring item but I just can’t get enough of the look.  It dresses up absolutely anything and gives it that extra punch!  The one I would love (below) is from Zara but they don’t have it in the store (although I think I saw it on ebay way overpriced). 

See how fabulous these ladies look with their pink blazer….

I am having a difficult time finding a hot pink blazer thats the right color but I did pick up red blazer at Forever (not online or else I would have shown you) but I love this color combo this girl has on. May have to try it (although I’ll probably look foolish).

If anyone out there finds the Perfect Pink Blazer….please let me know!!!


3 thoughts on “The Hot Pink Blazer

  1. Jan! I have a hot pink blazer! It’s corduroy and I bought it second hand MANY years ago! Rob makes fun of me for wearing it all the time…I’ll have to send him the link to your post so he knows I’m in style! Missed you this Christmas! XO

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