Mid-Winter Tan

3 days until New Years Eve!!!!  Lets hope this nasty cold I have subsides before then. 

In prepping for this big night (that is sometimes way overrated, but this year am really looking forward to spending time with some really close friends at a house party in Southie…SCORE), I digress…..Anyways, I need to make myself a spray tan appointment this week as part of my pre-beauty prep schedule!  I know spray tans in mid-winter aren’t for everyone but I for one, absolutely adore them!  What’s not to love….you feel skinnier, you wear less makeup, you just feel all around better!  Plus you don’t have to shy away from certain colors or cuts of clothes because you have pasty white arms! 

Now I am not talking about Ross in Friends with his “tanning mishap”

The best part of this episode was when the salon guy asks Ross how dark he wants to be ….1, 2 or 3 and Ross comments on how he likes how the tanning salon guy looks and asks what he is….and the answer…Puerto Rican! CLASSIC! And somehow Ross comes out as a 8 instead of a 2!!! Oh how I love you Friends!!!

But looking for just a nice bronze that gives you an extra “oomph” (I’ll probably get a 2 which is just enough for that perfect glow!)

I figured I would share some tips for those who are interested in the amazing spray tan but have never been.

– Before you head to get bronzed….make sure to cleanse and exfoliate your body to avoid build up as several layers of tan can result in an uneven result.
– Skin should be free from self tan, perfume, deodorant or oils
– If you’re waxing or shaving before tanning, make sure you do so more than 24 hours before your tan.
– Wear loose, dark clothing and avoid tight-fitting underwear. Anything that’s pressing on the skin (bras even!) may make the results a bit patchy.
– Do not shower or bathe for a minimum of 4 hours after your treatment (I usually sleep on it and shower the next day)
– Do not participate in any activity which may cause perspiration for at least 12 hours after the treatment
– Most people can expect their tan to last for up to a week depending upon your skin type and preparation. Regular moisturizing will definitely extend the tan’s life. I recommend St Tropez Tan Optimiser Body Moisturizer

And for those who are looking for more of a DIY type of tan…I really love Clarins Sun Products . It gives you the best color and lasts. Some sunless tanners will wear off in weird ways and get patchy, but Clarins is really great with lasting and evenly dying down. The only thing is it takes a few applications to really see results!

Also, St Tropez has a great sunless tanning line and some people swear by the TanTowel

If anyone is looking for a good place in the Boston area for an Airbrush Spray Tan, I love Glow Skin Care in Braintree MA.  Jen is best, makes you super comfortable and does an excellent job.  Plus if you buy 5, you get the 6th free! 

Hope everyone has a “glowing” holiday season!!!


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