Masshole Sports

Today post is a little unconventional (well for Mascara & Martinis).  I know I usually post about whatever new beauty trend or favorite product but today I wanted to share another thing I love dearly – Boston Sports.  I felt this post was warranted considering the big Playoff games this weekend!!!  Patriots will be playing the hated (well in my book he is) Tim Tebow and the Broncos.  Last time we played these fools, we beat them 41 to 23 and I have no doubt we are going to crush their playoffs hopes on Saturday!!!!  

And today, while perusing sports sites, I came across this website that may be my new favorite….  It has some of the funniest pictures with commentary and trash talking I’ve ever seen.  Take a look at some of my favorites….

Minnesota Vikings running back, and fantasy football legend, suffered a torn ACL and MCL on Christmas Eve. But more importantly, he was carted off the field by what appears to be Stevie Wonder.

If you are from Mass and are a sports fan….I highly suggest you add this to your favorites.  I promise tomorrow’s post will be more “mascara & martini” related!!!!


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