Chocolate Croissants

Hello Readers!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!!   We got hit with a little snow here in Boston and I’m not going to lie, it felt nice to have some winter white. I mean it is Mid January!!!! We celebrated a good friends 30th this weekend and she was super surprised so that’s always a plus!!!   And the cherry on top was the big W from Mr. Tom Brady and the Pats! I am still in disbelief that the Ravens kicker missed a 32-yard field goal try with 15 seconds left.  They definitely lost the game for us….the Ravens outplayed us and we lucked out with that win….either way, I’ll take it!   We have 2 weeks to get prepared and get some redemption on these god awful “gmen”.

 Courtesy of MassholeSports

Anyways…a few weeks ago I made a trip to Trader Joe’s and picked up a few things. I ended up buying their frozen Chocolate Croissants….one of the top ten best products on 2010. I am not a huge “pastry” kind of gal but let me tell you, these things were DELISH! It does take some planning ahead….you need to take out the croissants from the freezer and let sit overnight at room temperature to rise. In the morning, pop them in the oven with a little melted butter on top (directions called for egg wash but I thought butter sounded MUCH better).  25 minutes later you are festing on flaky, buttery, chocolately goodness. They are a tad high in fat – like 18 grams but oh well…it’s a nice treat for a Saturday or Sunday morning.

They come 4 to a package….and I think I paid $3 for a package…not bad at all!

The final product….mmmm yummy!

I suggest picking up a box on your next trip to Trader Joe’s and throwing them in your freezer. You won’t be disappointed.


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