To Look or Not To Look

One of my besties…Molly…is an amazing photographer – check her out here.  See for yourself just how amazing and talented she is!!!!  And if you like her photos, you should definitely follow and like her on Facebook.  Molly started a few years back and is absolutely fabulous. You can see her passion for photography in every picture she takes.

Now me and Molly have had several debates on “first looks”….or the Big Reveal, First Sight. This is when the couple sees each other before the ceremony for a little one on one time and some great picture taking. This is a great way to capture amazing images without sacrificing time with your guests.

I personally don’t know if I would do this…I think I would want to see Justin’s face and reaction when I walk down the aisle….the BIG MOMENT….a bit more traditional if you will. But there are definitely some benefits to doing a first look….

*That first moment when you see each other can be a very intimate moment. You are able to really take a minute, just the bride and groom, and have some quality “alone time” (and the photographer can capture some pretty amazing pictures – and the pictures you are most likely to have on your walls years down the road)
*By doing these pictures before hand, you save a lot of time after the ceremony and before the reception. The couple as well as the wedding party can actually enjoy the cocktail hour and not be running around taking pictures…and speaking from personal experience of being in my fair share of weddings, that is something your wedding party will thank you for….you can eat, drink, socialize and enjoy the wedding beginning to end!
*Usually the lighting before your ceremony is the best. Plus let’s not forget that your makeup and hair is fresh and perfect. There is a good chance you will cry during the wedding and might mess up that beautiful face.
*Once you see your bride/groom, it takes a lot of the nerves away.  Plus, the groom sometimes tend to hold it together during the ceremony so that they won’t be embarrassed if they cry. During a first look they feel much more at ease to be emotional.  And then you can truly enjoy the ceremony and what the wedding is all about!!!

Here are some of Molly’s couples who opted for the “first look”…..

So the question remains…To Look or Not To Look. Regardless of which you decided, the first time you see each other on your wedding day will be super special!


2 thoughts on “To Look or Not To Look

  1. My husband and I didn’t do a first look. We were more traditional and wanted that special coming down the aisle moment. I don’t regret it all. I went to a wedding where they did do a first look and they still spent the entire cocktail hour taking pictures after the ceremony. Obviously, either way, it’s a fabulous moment and a fabulous day.

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