Antipasto Skewers….

Really looking forward to the weekend! We are collecting on our Christmas present from Justin’s parents….we’re off to see Rain which is a tribute band to The Beatles. I had to do my research since I didn’t know too much about this show….apparently it began as an offshoot of the Broadway production of Beatlemania….Should be a fun show!!!! Can’t wait. And looking forward to arriving in style in a limo…HOLLER!

And then Saturday the festivities continue….another one bites the dust and joins the big 3-0 club! I love that I still have another 7 months until its my turn! Anyways….we are off to CT to celebrate another 30th birthday. In prep for the party…I found these Antipasto Skewers on Perfect 10 Cookbooks blog that I may have to attempt to make….they look super easy and super yummy. What I like about these is that you can totally customize to your liking….I think I’ll end up using pepperoni, salami,  2 different cheeses, olives, and artichoke hearts!!!!   I’ll keep you posted on how I make out!

Courtesy of Perfect 10 Cookbooks

Happy Friday to you all!!!!


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