The Cat Eye

I know I have mentioned the “cat eye” or winged liner numerous times on Mascara & Martinis and recently, I received a request for some tips on how to create this look.  Its really personal preference as to how “dark” or “cat’ish” you want them so you can totally alter based on your own style and look.

– Always start with eye primer.  My 2 favs are Urban Decay Primer Potion and Benefits Stay Dont Stray.  This will give you a nice base to start, keeps your eye makeup and concealer in place and helps to make sure your shadow doesn’t crease.

– When I do this look, I try to keep the rest of my eye pretty simple so neutral shadows, nothing crazy

– Line your inner top rim with black waterproof pencil (for a more dramatic look, you can do the bottom as well)

– Use the same pencil to line the skin directly above your upper lash line. Blend color into lashes with a smudge brush or finger

– Now go over the pencil line with a liquid or gel liner.  This will ensure the look stays put and gives it neat line.  I find gel liners to be a little easier to work with.  MAC has a great one which I recently purchased and blogged and L’oreal  has a more affordable one that will work great.  TIP…. If you end up using the gel liner, I highly suggest an angled brush like the Sonia Kashuk Bent Eyeliner Brush I mentioned here

– Any easy way to make a nice, neat line is  to take a black liquid-liner pen or brush, make four evenly spaced dashes over the pencil line, then connect them.

– Now it’s time to create the “cat eye” or winged look.  Close your eye, and trace a finger along your upper lid’s crease, moving outward. When it meets the bony part of your eye, mark the spot with a dot of liquid liner

– Place the liquid-liner or brush on the dot, and drag it to the outer corner of your eye.  You can thickening the line as you go to make a more pronounced cat eye.

– TIP: I usually take my Almay Eraser Sticks (or a Q-Tip with eye makeup remover will do) and touch it to make sure it’s clean looking.  I drag along the bottom part of the outer corner just to clean it up a bit.

–  Finish off with black mascara or if you want to get really crazy, some falsies!

For a simple tutorial, check out LC’s look here at The Beauty Department.  Lauren Conrad might have one of my favorite “cat eye” looks around…she keeps it very simple!


Hope this helps!!!  From personal experience, it may take a few tries to master the technique but the more you do it, the easier it gets!!!


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