Powder Fix

Is everyone just as excited as I am for Friday!  I thought this day would never come.  One more week then off to Park City….definitely counting down the days!  I have the daunting task of packing ahead of me and I am not looking forward to it.  I tend to always overpack and I can already see my suitcase overflowing since its all big, puffy, winter clothing!  One thing I try to do when I pack is to place cotton balls over my eye shadows, blushes and any other “powder” makeup to prevent it from shattering.  Seems to happen too often to me!  Whether it’s a compact in my pocket book or just me being clumsy….never fails!

I wanted to share a few tips to make your broken products look like new again (well maybe not “new” but definitely usable)…

If the product isn’t too far gone and its just a little broken, you can add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to the compact and use the back of a spoon to smooth the powder back into shape.  Make sure its fully dry before using.

If it’s a really bad break and the blush or shadow is a complete goner, you can take the broken product completely out of the container, crush it to make a fine powder and put it in a small cup or container (make sure there is enough room to hold the shadow and more since you will be mixing it with the alcohol).

Add a little alcohol and stir….use your best judgment for the amount of alcohol…you want it to be thick & liquidy.  Spoon the mixture into the container and shake it gently so it evens out.  If it’s an eye shadow container, once it dries and has formed to a powder, you can lay cloth over the powder and stack some quarters over the cloth.  It should fit perfectly for the circular MAC or Urban shadows.  Put something heavy to weigh it down and leave over night.   If its a different sized container, try to find something that will fit to weigh the product down…the point is really to pack and tighten up the powder!

And don’t forget that extreme temperatures can make pressed powers more prone to breakage!!!

Hopefully you won’t have any broken powders, but if you do, now you know how to tackle it!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!



One thought on “Powder Fix

  1. That is great advice and I’ve never heard any of it before! I’ve had many powders/blushes/eye shadows shatter while in transit. Thanks!

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