In-Flight Beauty

With our Park City trip fast approaching, I thought I would share with you some travel beauty tips I have found throughout the years!

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Moisturizing is key!  That recycled, dry air sucks all the hydration out of everything, especially your face.   I suggest the night before to use a good moisturizer and lots of it.  And I always make sure I have a travel sized face moisturize to use during the flight!

“Takeoff” Makeup!  As I said earlier, planes such the moisture out of your skin, leaving your makeup in not so great shape.  You are better off swiping off your face using a makeup remover pad before takeoff and loading up on moisturizer. An instant balm like Clarin’s Beauty Flash Balm will act as a pick-me-up to restore your skin’s natural radiance at the end of a flight.  You can always pack a few items if you want to freshen up your makeup before you land…liquid foundation, cream blush, sheer lipstain or tinted balm and if you do opt for mascara – make sure its waterproof!

Jet-Set Hair! Apply a deep-conditioning treatment before you leave — it will give your hair that extra oomph of moisture and a fantastic shine.  Also, if you have wavy hair, don’t waste your time straightening it. Comb a light cream conditioner through damp hair and tie in a low pony for a really sleek and sexy look.

H20!  Avoid carbonated drinks, coffee and booze as they can dehydrate you.  Drink plenty of water during your flight and stay away from salty foods as they can leave you puffy and bloated.  This is hard for me since beef jerkey is my favorite in-air snack…oops!

Freshen up!  I always throw in a few samples of perfume that I have picked up along the way…sephora freebies, etc!  It’s nice to give yourself a few spritzes to avoid smelling like the Southwest food cart!  Plus…the small samples won’t exceed the limit of liquid at security.

Wrinkle Free!  Wear loose clothes that don’t wrinkle. Dark colors are also a plus in case you have a spill or stain in-flight.  I recently purchased this Cardi Wrap from Nordstroms and looking forward to wearing it on the plane with a simple pair of leggings and boots!  I always bring a pair of soft socks too…regardless of the season.  You never know how hot or cold it can be on a plane!  The key is too look stylish but comfy at the same time!

Happy Travels 🙂


2 thoughts on “In-Flight Beauty

  1. If you have never been to Park City, you will love it! We went there several years ago on a snowboarding trip, and it was not too long after the Olympics. It was beautiful there and I hope to go back!

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