There’s No Crying in Hockey!

Switching gears today from martinis and mascara to cross checking and penalties!  That’s right kids…its Thursday and the Bruins are going into Game 4 with a 2-1 series lead to the Capitals.  I am very much looking forward to a good old fashion beating tonight!  Especially after Karl Alzner’s childish antics…making a cry-baby gesture to Lucic.  Really Alzner???

Love how Alzner’s tone changed after the game claiming he was reacting to the Bruins’ complaints about the officiating, not calling Lucic a crybaby.  Way to try and dig yourself out of the hole…but I don’t think it’s going to stop the Big Bad Bruins from kicking your ass!  My money’s on Lucic buddy!

Lucic’s comment after the game says it all…“I don’t even know what to say coming from my side to show that I’m not a crybaby,” he said. “That’s a lot to say coming from a guy that has two roughing penalties in three years, so there you go.”

As for the Capitals…they were the ones that were left crying after that game.  Let’s see what happens tonight!

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Go B’s!


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