Alternative to Lash Curler

Last week I found myself stuck at work trying to curl my lashes.  I was going out for a networking event straight from work and wanted to freshen my face up a bit.  Like most ladies, I don’t typically carry around a lash curler with me so I had to figure out an alternative way to get some curled lashes.  A did a quick Google search and came up with a pretty simple, everyday tool….a metal spoon.

All you need to do is grab a clean teaspoon. Place the tea spoon over your eye, with the belly of the spoon following the curve of your eye. Use your thumb to gently press your lashes upwards, against the spoon. I wont lie, I had to do this a few times to achieve the “curl” I was looking for but definitely a good option if you are stuck!!!!  And if you really want to get crazy…you can heat up the spoon in warm water to give it that extra oomph and holding power!

And for those of you who are in the market for a a new eyelash curler… all time favorite by a landslide is the Shu Uemura… I heard a nasty rumor they stopped selling in the states but I was able to find it on their website….if you don’t have one…I recommend this baby….she’s the best!


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