Munchin with Meg

Happy Monday Everyone!  I am excited for today’s post since it’s our first official “guest blogger”.  I figured this would be a great post to start your week off healthy!  Today’s guest blogger is a friend of mine who also happens to be a dietician here in Boston.   Her post will give you some great tips on snacking from what to when! So without further adieu ….I present to you “Munchin with Meg”….

In between the trips to Sephora or trying to perfect the “cat-eye” look, you might run into those hunger pangs.  So, let’s address the WHEN, WHERE, and WHAT of healthy snacking!

Snacks can certainly fit into anyone’s meal plan.  It’s important to eat at regular intervals (about every 3-4 hours).  When too much time passes in between meals, it can often lead to unfavorable blood sugar levels, which can leave us feeling extra hungry at your next meal.  So, think about plugging in snacks as needed throughout your day.  Unfortunately the vending machine may not supply the healthiest options so planning ahead to have the right items on hand is key!

For snack choices, it’s good to emphasize protein and fiber based foods.  These types of foods create the most favorable blood sugar patterns that create optimal hunger control.  Consider these options:

  1. 1oz low-fat/fat-free cheese (preferably pre-portioned) + 1 piece fruit
  2. 6-8oz plain or vanilla yogurt (preferably greek) + ½ cup fruit
  3. 1 – 1.5oz nuts (almonds, cashews, peanuts, etc)
  4. ¼ cup hummus with veggies (baby carrots, peppers, celery, etc)
  5. 1-2 boiled eggs/egg whites
  6. 3oz turkey (preferably nitrate-free) + 1 slice cheese, lettuce, mustard roll-up
  7. 3 cups air-popped popcorn (seasoned with herbs)
  8. 1 slice whole-wheat bread with 1 Tb. All-natural peanut butter
  9. 1 cup edamame
  10.  1 cup whole-grain cereal + skim milk


Make sure when you’re eating you’re actually taking the time to taste your food.  I know this sounds simple, but how many times do you catch yourself halfway through a protein bar without realizing you were eating it?  Try to eat without distractions (tv, computer) and take small bites, chew thoroughly, and enjoy : )


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