Blue Cheese Mozzarella Stuffed Buffalo Chicken Burgers

It seems like there was a really great response to the guest blogger so we may have to put that in the rotation regularly!  And I know I’ve said it before but if there is anything you would like to see more of… recipes, DIY projects or beauty tips…please…give some feedback!

Moving on to today’s post.  Now I know I was going with the crock pot theme (and plan on sharing a delish recipe next week for the slow cooker) but I wanted to share these amazing Buffalo Chicken Burgers I tried last week from one of my fav blogs…Stylish Stealthy and Healthy.  Mozzarella & Blue Cheese Stuffed Buffalo Chicken Burgers.  Now these use ground chicken which I know a lot of people may not be able to get past but…if you can just give these babies a try…you will be thanking me later.  I was pleasantly surprised at how good these guys were!!!  So different and still so yummy…

Click here for recipe.  Just to give you an idea…you basically blend chicken, franks, egg, breadcrumbs, garlic/onion powder,  Montreal seasoning, Worcestershire and S&P together….I found the burger mix to be a bit mushy but I used regular breadcrumbs since I didn’t have panko on hand…maybe that was the reason?  I assembled the burgers with one thin bottom patty and topped that with shredded mozz and blue cheese and then topped it with the other patty and voila….stuffed burgers.  Served with these amazing sweet potato waffle fries and you have yourself quite the delicious meal!


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