Happy Cinco de Mayo…almost

In honor of Cinco de Mayo tomorrow…thought it was fitting to share with you my favorite homemade  Margarita  recipe….all you need is fresh lime juice (which can be a bitch to squeeze but so worth it in the end), agave nectar and silver tequila!  These are by far the best margarita’s I have ever had and since you are using fresh lime juice and natural agave, they aren’t THAT bad for you either (well thats what I tell myself!!!).  Enjoy!


  • Lots of rocks—shake with rocks too
  • 1 part fresh lime juice (1 – 1.5 shots)
  • 1 part agave mixed with water—in other words, water & agave mixture should equal the exact amount of lime juice that you used
  • I use 2 parts tequila – silver preferably (again, it’s a sipper and can put you on your a$$ quickly!)
  • When I make them: 1+ shot glass of lime, 1+ shot  of water & agave mix, 2 shots of tequila- shake it very well so it foams


Happy Cinco de Mayo…Ole!




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