Herb Cubes

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.  We celebrated one of my good friends Bachelorette party this weekend and needless to say…it was a very interesting and fun night!  It’s been slow going this morning hence the delayed post!

Wanted to share with you a little herb tip that I was discussing just last night with a friend.  Usually what happens to me is that I buy a huge thing of parsley or chives for one ity bity recipe and have so much leftover.  I hate to throw away all that fresh goodness so one day I decided to freeze herbs in an ice cube tray.  Now anytime I need some fresh parsley or cilantro…I just hit up the freezer and defrost my “herb cubes”.

  1. Chop herbs up and place a spoonful in an ice cream tray.  Pack down the herbs pretty tightly.
  2. Pour the water in slowly. Too much water pressure has the tendency to send your chopped herbs all over the place.
  3. 24 hours or so should be enough to turn your water and herbs into beautiful little herb cubes.
  4. Once frozen, remove from the tray and store in zip closure bags.
  5. When ready to use, toss the whole ice cube into your favorite stew or dish.

These cubes are great used in recipes but don’t work well for fancy garnishes.

The past few years, I’ve tried my “green thumb” out with an herb garden with a handful of different herbs and no matter what I do..its an epic fail.  The leaves are yellow…it doesn’t grow right..so this year I am forgoing the garden and sticking with my herb ice cubes!  Hope you like today’s little tip!




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