Glowing Skin

Lately, I’ve been spotting a lot of celebs in the magazines and TMZ with that “dewy and glowy” skin.  There are definitely some products out there that can give you the look however some of those cosmeceuticals can come with a STEEP price tag.  So why not use the foundation that you already have and add a drop of moisturizing oil to achieve the look!

The key to achieving that dewy look is to make your cover-up look  more natural by mixing one drop of moisturizing oil with three drops of your liquid foundation.

This is great for those of you who have drier skin.  I know in the cooler months, my face is a tad more dry.  And it doesn’t look “shiny” which is a big concern.  And if you get a oil specifically for the “face” it shouldn’t break you out…but give you a really nice, refreshed skin texture!

If you are really into this look…I would suggest Bobbi Brown Face Oil which seems to be a big favorite out there…although a tad pricey!


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