DIY Lashes

I came across this little DIY Lash tutorial on The Beauty Department and had to share.  You know how I love me some lashes!!!   This tutorial gives you some different options for false lashes…and I really love the Homemade Individuals.  I have the individual lashes at home and I seem to have a hard time getting them to stay in place and look right….I find strips so much easier!  But I like that they are using the “demi wispies”  to make your own “individual lashes” since they are one of my favorites.

Photo courtesy of The Beauty Department

Basically to make the homemade individuals, you cute them between the groupings – you will definitely be able to tell on the Demi Wispies as it’s pretty pronounced.  So you are actually making them to be little lash clusters as opposed to really small individuals!  I have a pair of wispies at home that I am going to have to try this with!

Another thing you can do is halfies!  Cut the strip in half and use the end that would normally be on the inside corner, on the outside!  Plus its pretty economical…you get 4 lashes out of 1 set!

Just to add a few of my favorite “lashes” out there…

Ardell Invisibands Demi Wispies

Ardell Invisibands Sexies
Ardell Invisibands Sweeties


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