Airbrush Makeup – TEMPTU!

I recently purchased the Temptu airbrush system.  I’m a HUGE fan of airbrush makeup thanks to Caitlin Murphy Stylist (who by the way is my very talented makeup/hair stylist for my wedding!!!).  Anyways….after MUCH research, I finally decided to breakdown and try the Temptu.  They are doing this pretty cool trial offer….try it for 90 days for $29.95.  Not a bad deal at all.  Worse that happens if you try it out for a little and decide it’s not for you.  Let me lay out some of the great benefits to airbrush makeup…

* You get such a flawless finish.  It doesn’t settle into creases and pores but more “sits on top” of the skin and creates a feather-light look
* Since this comes straight from the “pod” to the face, there is no bacterial exposed to the hand, brush or sponge that you may normal get
* Airbrush is sweat-proof, smudge-proof and water-proof….SCORE!
* Buildable coverage.  You have the flexibility to create a minimal effect or really go for the full coverage base

The kit includes the air compressor, a foundation, blush and a highlighter which are all apply via the airbrush technique.  I also received a concealer (non-airbrush) as a “bonus” offer.

I only tried it out the first night to “test” it so I’ll have a more detailed review after a wear it for a full day or night and see how it lasts.  Stay tuned!!!!

And if airbrush makeup isn’t for you, you can typically get a similar “flawless” look with a good foundation brush.  I purchased this brush at Sephora and basically buff the foundation into my skin for a flawless finish.  Big fan!!!


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