Maxxinista Rant

I just got back from lunch after hitting up TJ Maxx and Marshalls which use to be my go-to for new bags!!!  I have to say, lately I’ve been very frustrated with these stores and the overpriced pocket books.  Why is it that every time I venture into TJ’s and Marshalls, it never fails for me to pick up a purse that’s easily over $100.  What happen to the days when I used to walk in and I could walk out with 3-4 bags under the $100 mark.  I miss those days.   Now it’s Dooney, Ralph, Michael, and B Makowsky….where are the Nine West, Anne Klein and random no-name designers.   I’m the type that likes to switch out my purses every few weeks and I sure as hell can’t be doing that with $100-$200 price tags.  I guess I should look to invest in a new purse and use if for a while L…..Or I could try to hit up Burlington to see what they got!!!!  One last ditch effort????

Does anyone else have the problem???  Either I have really good taste and only pick up the really expensive bags or their stock for more “affordable” bags are really really dwindling!!



One thought on “Maxxinista Rant

  1. I hear ya. However depends on the location TJ Maxx up in Littleton NH sells Michael, and Cynthia and Makowsky for sometimes under $60!!! But who knows wants to make the trip. You should check out bag rental websites there are tons or have purse swap parties and invite someone like me who has a serious addiction. Thrift and yard sales too. Got an almost new Michael for $10

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