Beachy Hair

I’ve had a few requests to post how to achieve a “beachy” hair look.  Now for me, I have it a little easy since my hair is naturally wavy but anyone can achieve this look with a little practice and some good techniques.

There are tons of different tutorials out there but to date, my favorite so far is Barefoot Blondes technique.  Which can be found here

Here is my take on the beachy wave look which is pretty simple…
–      Wrap wet hair up in a towel (DON’T BRUSH – I usually comb through my hair when the conditioner is in it in the shower)
–      Spritz a salt spray on wet hair….some favorites are Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray and Bumble Bumble Surf Spray
–      Try to use a cotton t-shirt to scrunch…not your hands.  This will prevent frizz
–      Diffuse or air-dry hair (I personally prefer air-drying but we all don’t have the time).
–      Once hair is dry, use a curling iron (I use 1-1/4″ Hot Tools Spring Iron) to polish up a few random piece (now would be the time to incorporate Barefood Blondes technique of curling the top part of hair and then waving the bottom part).
–      For those of us that have the naturally wavy hair, you don’t really need to do that 2nd part…I just curl the top half and leave the bottom half of my hair out of the barrel
–      When curling…don’t go crazy with it…the messier, the better


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