Some Dos and Donts

So let me start off by saying I am no fashion expert….but I am a girl with some strong opinions and I will apologize off the bat if I am offending anyone!


Ladies…it’s supposed to by 77 today in Boston.  That means…take your long, knee high boots off and put them back in the closet with your sweaters and mittens.  It’s not time yet!!!  It’s like as soon as labor day came and gone, people think it’s okay to wear boots when it’s still 70-80…well I have news for you…you look foolish!!!!  Don’t get me wrong…I love my boots…but we aren’t there yet ladies!


Solutions:  If your tootsies are getting a little chilly in the morning, maybe try a cute closed toe pump or a fun flat….seems like your best bet until the weather really gets chilly!

And my second little gripe of the day… wearing sneakers on their way to work.   I see them on the bus or T and they have on this nice suit with a pair of New Balance running sneakers.  Now…I understand us ladies may throw on sperries or flip flops or some form of a comfortable shoe simply because we are wearing 4 inch heels and that’s not fun commuting and walking into work every day.  But boys, you wear flat, work shoes.  I can’t see them being all that uncomfortable that you have to wear sneakers…..just seems a little unacceptable in my book.


Solution:    When the weather gets a little wet and dirty, especially in the winter, I suggest buying a cheaper pair of black dress shoes with rubber soles so you boys don’t slip.  Keep a pair of nice dress shoes at the office to change into!


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