Beauty Pit Stops

It seems like these “In & Out” salons are all the rage right now….whether it’s a “ponytail hair bar” like the John Barrett Salon in NYC or a “blow dry bar” like Blo these salon’s are popping up left & right!   I personally have never had the pleasure of enjoying a service at these beauty pit stops but I have to say, I am a bit curious.

Let me explain a little more in detail….

The John Barrett Salon has a bunch of different services…The Pony Tail Bar offers celeb inspired ponytails and top knots.  You basically walk and receive a menu of images with different pony styles to choose from whether it a high sleek pony, a low messy pony or a braided pony…think Blake Lively’s go-to red carpet look!    Which brings me to the next service bar offered at the John Barrette Salon…Barrett’s Braid Bar.  I assume similar to the ponytail, they offer a slew of images (or you can always bring your own) and try to mimic it.  But this also comes with a hefty price tag…$50 for a PONYTAIL!!!!  What???  Then again, it is on the top floor of Bergdorf’s on Fifth Ave so I guess if you are in the area, you have the money to spend.  I like the concept but definitely not the price…maybe one of these days!

The Blo Salon is a little bit more realistic and affordable (and close to me…SCORE!).  They offer a range of blow-dry services on their hair menu….the Signature, the Red Carpet, High Society,  Sex Hugs and Rock & Roll, just to name a few.  The Signature blo starts at $35 which isn’t bad at all….and who doesn’t love a good blow-out???  I just would be a tad nervous they would charge me a lot more than that $35 starting price since my hair can be pretty thick and unruly!  But I do plan visiting the Boston location soon!  And if you can’t make in to the salon, they offer Blo On The Go and will show up right at your doorstep….now that’s convenient.

Lastly….this is such a fabulous concept brought to us by Fix Beauty Bar.  They basically give you a blow out while simultaneously give you a mani!!!! How genius!?!?!   Pricing isn’t all that bad….a Wash. Blow. Style. Any way you like it is $40 plus a luxe mani for $15.  Not bad!!!!  And if you are feeling really crazy…throw in a pedicure too for $35!   A Full-on Fix is $85 which includes all 3 services (and they even throw in a cocktail and snacks).  Unfortunately for me, this salon is in NYC but I suspect there will be more places like Fix Beauty Bar popping up in cities nearby so keep our eye out.

I am loving that these salon’s are working with the modern day “on the go” woman.  Whats better than a blow-out, mani/pedi and a cocktail between work and a dinner date….Genius I tell ya!

Would love to hear of anyone who has visiting one of these salons….


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