Hot Tools Pink Titanium Curling Iron & Wavy Hair Tutorial

I’m always on a quest for that perfect loose, wavy hair look.  I’ve tried so many tutorials with various curling “wands” or irons and different curl products, but never seem to have perfected it…until recently.

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I purchased the Hot Tools Pink Titanium Curling Iron in a 1 inch barrel.  I LOVE IT!  Now, I have owned other Hot Tool Iron’s before but never the Titanium.  I like how it keeps my hair super smooth and doesn’t give off that “burnt hair” smell that some other irons tend to do.   I love how it heats up quick and can get up to 450 degree in no time.  And it has a swivel cord so you don’t have to worry about the cord tangling and getting all knotted up!


Moving on to my technique….I found this Tutorial on YouTube and it seems to work great for my hair.  I also think the 1 inch is a perfect size for this look.    Take a peak (it’s much easier to watch her than me trying to explain the process).

Now, in the tutorial, she goes back to those straight pieces that were left out of the iron and adds more texture by taking her hair into the clamp and makes an “S” shape with the iron.   My hair is much thicker so it would take me a lot longer to go through each piece so I tend to leave most of those ends straight…and I’ll maybe go through a few pieces and “S” it out.  I think this also gives a more natural, messy effect anyways so it works for me but you can totally work with your hair and figure out what looks best.

When it’s done, I will finger-comb my hair and add some Moroccan or Argon Oil.  I usually don’t add hairspray (but if I do, I’ll use a comb thru spray so it doesn’t get knotted and tangly).

There you have it….my take on wavy, beachy hair and my fabulous new curling iron purchase!!!  Hope this helps ladies!!!!



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