Minty Fresh

Happy Good Friday everyone!  So glad the weekend is finally here.  I’m looking forward to heading home for Easter weekend and spending some time with the family and relaxing!

And of course, Tis the season for Easter colored hues to start popping up everywhere.   Without a doubt, the “it” spring colors consist of a pretty palette of lovely lavenders, pale blues and of course, my favorite…Mint Green!  Everywhere I look these days, everyone is decked out this “mint” attire…from skinnies to blazers to accessories!  I am totally on the mint train…the color is so feminine and cheerful….perfect for spring & summer (and looks fab with a nice tan!)

Here is some “mint-spiration” courtesy of Pinterest…

f13939ad3493753bd059ebd919581f61 298fa9400ad22da47b88c377d97f6135 a9314530bc62feddc633b8266cd8ca6a FFN_IMAGE_50896615|FFN_SET_60054529 d7759b36bf8a696c2fe502dd7d5caad8 e0d27443e1e070b9a7a21e25986c84aa e9d6cae1eafdd4bdd94eea98060876e1


What’s great about this palette is that these colors are popping up in all the stores…from higher end shops to the more affordable places like Forever 21, Target, Express…a perfect piece for everyone’s price range!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!!!!



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