Olay Pro-X Advantage Cleansing System

With the wedding only a few months away….I’ve been pretty diligent with my face routine morning and night.  I finally think I have a regimen that works for me…THANK GOD!  I recently purchased the Olay Pro-X Advantage Cleansing System.  I originally wanted to buy the Clarisonic but I couldn’t bring myself to pay $150 for a face brush.  After searching around, I stumbled across the Olay Pro-X brush and figured the $20 price tag was way more budget friendly (and of course I had a coupon so it really only ended up costing $16…SCORE!)


The brush  claims it can “cleanse skin 6x better” than basic cleansing using your hands.  It will also help maximize the immediate hydrating effectiveness of your moisturizer when applied right after cleansing.   The rotating system delivers deep cleansing and gentle exfoliation.


I typically use it at night since that’s when I have the most gunk on my face from the day….makeup, dirt, etc.  And I usually put it on the slower of the 2 speeds.  I like that it’s water resistant for use in the shower!  I can definitely tell the difference since I started using the Pro-X brush.  My face feels cleaner and my breakouts have been minimized!

Now I can’t compare the Clarisonic to the Pro-X since I don’t own the Clarisonic but here is what people are saying who used both…

–          The Pro-X is smaller than the Clarisonic….by about half!  This makes the Pro-X easier to hold and its more lightweight.  Also makes it nice to travel with
–          The Clarisonic has more power (one would expect with it being double the size as the ProX)
–          Pro-X is powered by 2 AA batteries and the Clarisonic has a charging holder that you plug into the wall
–          While the Pro-X rotates with 2 speeds, the Clarisonic has a built in timer that tells you when you are finished and can both oscillate and rotate with a few different motions.
–          Because of the greater power with the Clarisonic, some users have said it gives their skin a polish the Olay brush didn’t

If you need an “umph” to your skincare routine and don’t want to spend a lot, I think the Olay Pro-X brush is a great tool to help you clean and exfoliate your skin beyond regular washing.  I like the fact that it’s small enough to travel with but still gets the job done.  I also feel that when I apply moisturizer or a treatment serum, it’s absorbed better!

If money wasn’t an object, I’m sure I’d buy the Clarisonic but to save $100+, I think the Pro-X brush is a steal!  And I definitely have seen an improvement in my skin.



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