About Jan

So this is the page where I tell you fabulous things about myself so you come back to this blog…. I am 30 years old and live in South Boston with my fiance Justin.  The big day is June 22nd!!!   I have the best friends & family a girl could ask for…and they better all follow this blog, wink wink.  I have an obsession with beauty, specifically makeup….and so what, I may be considered, am a product junkie, what of it!!  I LOVE FOOD…I cannot live without it….I love cooking and am always in search for some tasty “healthy” recipes lately.  My downfall is CHIPOTLE…Its is heaven on earth….nothing compares, nothing!!!  My DVR is always full….from the trashy reality nonsense that everyone watches but won’t admit to the goodies like Mad Men, How I Met Your Mother and of course…xoxo, Gossip Girl!  I am always up for a cocktail…..or 4!!!!!

Me in Napa

Me and the man….

My family tailgating a none other than Buffett!


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